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How to Get a Job as SAP Fresher After Completing SAP Certification.

SAP aims at managing data, to provide customers with the ability to interact with a single unified system and its comprehensive modules ensure it. SAP implementation requires experience and adequate knowledge, as it is complicated and difficult to handle. That’s the reason, why SAP is a highly demanded technological certification with a lot of career opportunities. Freshers are always in demand.

Many of you may be thinking that how a fresher will get a job, but you should not feel like this. There are always many jobs available for freshers in every organization; you have to apply only. Misconceptions like freshers may not be getting admitted to jobs having 1-3 years of experience in the relevant field should not be in your mind. If you are a fresher then after doing any SAP Certification you will be eligible to go one step forward in SAP. Two major levels are available in this as Associate level and Professional level. In the first one, you will be tested on your fundamental and current knowledge for entering into the team. In the second level the knowledge and experience to implement the business process data into SAP and other expanded understanding of SAP.

All you need is that:-

  • Good Configuration Skills
  • Good Understanding of HR Domain
  • Confidence. Ability to learn & excel
  • Good Professional Network

Some Tips and Tricks to get jobs in SAP as a fresher

The most general problem that most of us have met at the beginning of our career is how do we get our first job without any experience, and the difficulty is we can’t get experience without a job! However, many times employers prefer freshers who come with a sharp bent of mind and are welcome to new ideas and thoughts.

  • Check out the Internet: There is nothing which is not available on the internet these days. Wikipedia will be very helpful and provide you with information about any relevant topic.
  • Be more specific in your approach: Try picking up the information with specific phrases such as, "Companies with Headquarters in your local area." This information will help you in becoming connected to company’s that may be hiring.
  • Economics: You must always try looking up data related to the state/region and economic development of the region you are living in or about the area you are job hunting in. This will enable you to know the job prospects there.
  • Keep a tab on the reputed national job site: Quite often companies post their job posted on these websites.
  • Head office: Get out about all the companies who have their head office in the area you are job hunting in. Companies usually have the most of the working population at their head office.
  • Keep a tap on the newspapers and classified ads: Many companies post their job posting in local classifieds and newspapers also to reach out to the best suitable candidate.
  • Find out about all the companies that run SAP operations: This information will assist you to figure out which companies you want to put on your job search radar. Check out the career boards of these companies regularly.
  • Criteria specific: Once the information about the companies has been shortlisted you can search using various criteria, such as the reputation of the company, the geographical location, etc.
  • Info: While you are looking up for information related to a specific company pay particular attention to information related to the entry-level section, college graduates, and even interns. This way you will get to know whether the company recruit’s fresher’s or not.
  • SAP Group: Pull up all the information related to the SAP User Group websites. This group will contain all the information related to the companies dealing in SAP.
  • Corporate websites: Keep a regular check on the corporate websites. May time companies post positions on their websites only and not on the job sites.
  • Do not duplicate efforts: In case you have already reached out to a recruiter, please don’t go to the website of the company and apply there as well. This could unnecessarily lead to complications as there are legalities that need to follow and your application may not be shortlisted at all.
  • Keep on applying: There is no limit to the number of places you can apply in while job field. One day you will be succeeded in securing a job.
  • Go Prepared: Always go prepared for an interview and never go casually you should be able to answer every question that comes your way with regards to your field.
  • Knowledge: Always find out as much as you can about the company, where do they stand in the marketplace. Always have your questions ready relevant to the company and the opening you have been identified for!
  • Salary: Don’t be too adamant about the pay and remuneration. These can be discussed once the offer is rolled out to you. Don’t start any conversations about the salary at the beginning.
  • Contacts: Try getting in touch with your friends and family who are already working in the same company or field. Utilize all your connections, if possible, find out as much as you can about the company, check out the internal job postings that may have been rolled out.
  • Attire: Go appropriately dressed for an interview. You should look professional. Men are advised to wear a formal shirt and trousers and women can either go in the business suit or any formal attire. Always find out about the attire in a particular workplace before you visit for the interview.
  • Cover letter: Always include a cover letter that lists your previous experience, if any, along with the learnings involved. This way you can advise the employers what is the value-added.
  • No Generic Resume: Do not have a generic resume. Every application has to be specific and should at all times meet the requirements. You would bring it to the table if hired. Be brief in your explanation as recruiters don’t have the time to go through every application.